LEGO® Serious Play® Material for Rent – Free Shipping

LEGO® Serious Play® is an innovative problem-solving method for business and management environments.

Within, you use LEGO® bricks in a series of structured exercises, guided by a facilitator, to construct objects that represent metaphorically your individual or business challenges.

Your main benefit — Communication!

Everyone in the room shares her story.

Fields of Application

  • Shared Vision & Commitment
  • Business Strategy & Vision
  • Business Process Management
  • Team & Employment Development
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Cultural Change & Organisation Design
  • Market & SWOT Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Definition
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Development

We provide all you need to run your LEGO® Serious Play® Workshop

LEGO® Serious Play® material for rent - free shipping

LEGO® Serious Play® Application. LEGO® Serious Play® material for rent - free shipping

Save Time & Money — Rent the material!

Rent Pre-Assorted LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator Cases

To run a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop successfully you need several purpose-built assorted LEGO® Serious Play® kits containing special LEGO® bricks, mini-figures, objects, and connectors.

This investment sums to more than € 3000.- easily.

Save this money by renting the material!

LEGO® Serious Play® Sets

Save Time and Money — Rent and lease the LEGO® material

Save Time & Money — Rent the material!

Our Service

Sorted LEGO Serious Play Kits

We take care about preparation and wrap-up of your LEGO® material…

while You

focus on your workshop design…

acquire new customers…

 …or just clock off!

Save Time & Money — Rent the material!

Our Pricing

You can rent all our offerings at the mentioned daily rate — shipping days are free of charge. Excluded is the LEGO® Serious Play® Exploration Bag — which you only can buy.

Exploration Bag

  • LEGO® Serious Play® Exploration Bag
  • 800
  • Only to buy. 1)
  • Purpose: Perfect for warm-up exercises and short training, where all participants have to have equal material. Each bag contains equally collected LEGO® bricks, one bag per participant is needed.

  • Packing: sorted bag

Starter Set

  • LEGO® Serious Play® Starter Set
  • 1600
  • Per workshop day.2)
  • Purpose: Larger variety of LEGO® bricks than Exploration Bags. Each set contains equally collected LEGO® bricks, one set per participant needed. Comes with a small introduction booklet.

  • Packing: sorted bag

Identity & Landscape Set

  • LEGO® Serious Play® Connections Kit
  • 19000
  • Per workshop day.2)
  • Purpose: Perfect for groups of 8 participants to model and simulate group processes, brand identity, business strategy resp. visioning, and team-building issues on different levels of abstraction.

  • Packing: facilitator metal case
  • Shipping: Free two-way shipping inside Germany.

Connections Kit

  • LEGO® Serious Play® Landscape Set
  • 19000
  • Per workshop day.2)
  • Purpose: Perfect for groups of 8 participants to model and simulate communication channels, value stream, business processes, organisational relationships and dependencies.

  • Packing: facilitator metal case
  • Shipping: Free two-way shipping inside Germany.

Mix of Bricks

  • LEGO® Serious Play® Mixed Bricks
  • 19000
  • Per workshop day.2)
  • Purpose: Random set of standard LEGO® bricks to extend the model’s decoration.

    Ask for individual collections of mini-figures, DUPLO, and other objects.

  • Packing: facilitator metal case
  • Shipping: Free two-way shipping inside Germany.

Pricing model:

  1. Exploration bag (LEGO delivered not-reusable PVC bag): €8.00 / bag
    Together with a reclosable PVC zipper bag: €8.00 / bag
  2. If you rent multiple sets of the same or of different types, it is up to you to mix the boxes’ content as it is appropriate to your individual workshop design.
    Indepent the mess you will create, we will clean it up for the same free sorting fee: €13.50 (Starter Kit), €190.00 (Landscape & Identity Kit, Connection Kit, Mix Bricks delivered on your demands.) — We charge you no additional costs!
Save Time & Money — Rent the material!


Additional Sets & Rental Legal Conditions

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Need for a Facilitator?

You plan to host or run a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop?

I will be happy to support you!

Michael Tarnowski, Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator. LEGO® Serious Play® material for rent - free shipping

Michael Tarnowski,

Certified LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator, Innovation Games® facilitator, and Agile Coach (Scrum Master).

With more than 15 years of experience in coaching teams and LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation, my passions are play@work and moderation techniques which set people in a playful mood for improvement.

Improvement is like Playing — Do it with Fun!

Save Time & Money — Rent the material!

Ask for a free Offer

Ask without any obligations. We will be happy to help you.

Do you plan to run a LEGO® Serious Play®
workshop? — Drop me a note!

Do you need help with the proper LEGO® material to
run your workshop? — Drop me a note!

Do you look for a trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator
to support your workshop? — Drop me a note!

I cooperate with several partner facilitators. — We will manage to solve your needs!

Michael Tarnowski
Fritz-Kalle-Str. 4
D-65187 Wiesbaden
: +49-
: info(@)

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    What Happy Clients Say

    Sehr zuverlässig

    Der Kontakt und die Abwicklung waren zu jeder Zeit professionell und kompetent. Jederzeit wieder!

    Dr. Stefan Poppelreuter
    TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH

    Begeisterte Workshop-Teilnehmer und Moderatoren

    Für einen Workshop mit 170 Teilnehmern haben wir das Material über Michael ( bezogen. Die eindrucksvollen Alukoffer mit der enormen Menge an Bausteinen erzeugen einen sehr professionellen Eindruck bei den Teilnehmer. Die pünktliche Lieferung, der einfache Versand und die gute Abstimmung mit Michael erzeugen ein gutes Gefühl bei den Moderatoren. Vielen Dank!

    Matthias Röhl

    Danke für die gute Beratung

    Übrigens danke nochmal für die gute Beratung.

    Viele Grüße

    Christine Wallner

    Christine Wallner, Projektmanagerin
    ServiceLust GmbH, Marketing- und Managementberatung

    Tolle Methodik & Excellente Organisation

    Innerhalb von weniger als 24 Stunden konnte mir ein Identity & Landscape Set zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
    Zielgerichtete Beratung und die soziale Komponente des Services ist einfach toll!

    Jederzeit gerne wieder.

    Patrick Bischoff
    Canon Deutschland GmbH

    Tolle Beratung!

    Ich kann die Beratung von Herrn Tarnowski nur hervorheben! Die ganze Welt von Lego und alle Vorteile seines Geschäfts wurden mir hervoragend erklärt.

    Julia Kreimendahl
    futurest GmbH

    Hilfsbereiter Kontakt

    Herzlichen Dank für die telefonische Beratung zu unserem Workshop-Vorgehen. Auch wenn wir die Steine nicht von Michael bezogen haben, war die Beratung sehr hilfreich. Besten Dank.

    Astrid Tübel
    Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

    Einfach & Praktisch

    Einfach & Praktisch: Michael (, hat sich um die  Steine gekümmert; ich konnte mich auf meinen LSP Workshop konzentrieren.

    Amanda Klausen

    Easy Handling and Great Support

    Michael ( did a great job shipping all the stuff to my destination. The material was very well sorted and prepared, thus I could run an awesome LSP workshop. – My client was very satisfied. – Thank you Michael.

    Haeger North

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    I organise and facilitate the Lego Serious Play Rhein-Main, Germany - Meetup Group. LSP facilitators and aficionados meet at co-working space heimathafen, D-65187 Wiesbaden, Germany.

    Drop over and join us when you are in Germany, Rhein-Main.